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  • Exterior

Leaders & gutters

Clean gutters and leaders at least twice a year (the beginning of summer and after the last leaves fall in autumn). Ice damming clogs gutters and doesn’t allow the rain water to flow rapidly off the roof. In cold temperatures, snow and ice will form, blocking the flow of water. The water will back-up the roof and flow under the shingles and into the house, causing damage to the ceiling walls, exterior trim boards and siding. Paint peeling is a sign that the walls inside have excessive moisture and needs immediate attention.

Make sure the water is drained away from the foundation. If the leaders or storm drains are damaged or broken near the foundation water could enter the basement. This could cause damage to your foundation walls and the basement could show signs of mold & mildew.


Caulking around windows and doors not only saves money on energy costs, but may also stop water from penetrating into the walls causing wood to rot and paint to peel.

Caulking everywhere may not be a good idea, caulking the siding to tight traps in moisture, which can cause paint to peel and can even cause the siding to buckle. Most siding is meant to shed the house from the weather, not to insulate. Siding needs to ventilate any build up of moisture.

Gardening, leaves & dirt

Keep plants, leaves and dirt off the wood siding or woodwork. Decaying leaves and plants become mulch and holds in water, this build up next to wood keeps it wet and over time causes rotting. Wood needs to be dry to keep from rotting. Wet rotting wood also creates great nesting for termites and carpenter ants.

Maintenance painting

A regularly scheduled maintained of the exterior painting saves money in the long term. Proper washing, caulking, glazing & painting to protect the exterior surfaces from the heat, cold, rain, snow, ice and sun will allow them to last longer without stripping or replacement, which is generally going to be much more expensive. The exterior of the house should be reviewed at least every 5 years.

  • Interior

All though the interior of the house does not have to deal with the extremes of the exterior weather, some rooms do get some heavy-duty use. The kitchen and bathrooms do get a workout with cooking and showering, and need to be maintained more often.


In heavily used kitchens, painted surfaces need to be washed with a degreaser before painting. This will give the new coat of paint a good adhesion for a long life.


A wet bathroom tends to grow mold and mildew, peeling paint will occur. Painted surfaces need to dry out. An exhaust fan will remove much of the moisture, allow it to run several minutes even after you bathe or shower. In the winter it will also remove the heat, and in the summer it will also remove the air conditioning, so don’t keep it on all the time but give it enough time to dry out the room. When painting the bathroom, add to paint or use paint containing a mildicide element, this will help to fight off mold and mildew for a longer lasting paint job.


Calk all windows and exterior doors. Repair cracks in the foundation from both the outside as well as the inside. Install insulation around the exterior walls. Paint basement exterior walls with foundation waterproofing or basement sealant products. Insulate the cold water pipes so they don’t sweat.


Inside the attic, check the nails that come in from the outside shingles; if they are black and moist, you have poor ventilation. Install an attic fan and or ridge vent. Proper venting and insulation is important. If you see snow melting off your roof well before your neighbors roofs, you might want to consider some additional or alterative insulation remedies.

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Budget a regular maintenance schedule for the interior and exterior of your home. This not only saves money, it also enhances the resale valve of the house. Remember, this is your home and you should surround you and your family with a healthy environment. Enjoy it while you’re living in it. B&G Painters specializes in all interior and exterior maintenance of your home and or business. B&G Painters maintains residential houses, apartments, commercials business and buildings. Talk to your friends and neighbors to find out about the reputation of B&G Painters. Consult us because we have a great web site, but most importantly, consult us because we have a great reputation for our knowledge and experience.  


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